Scale with Style and Strategy!

Branding & Funnel Design for Heart-Centered Service Providers

Let's make scaling and selling more simple!

We created a design-meets-tech service package that will help take your business to the next level with ease. By pairing brand design glow-up with a done-for-you sales funnel design you can scale and sell with style and strategy!

Save your time and energy for money-making moves

Increase brand recognition and attract dream clients

Go from scale to sales without the overwhelm

Don't let design and tech overwhelm or frustration stop you from scaling!

We see you, boss! You’re showing up everyday for your business because you abso-freakin-lutely love what you do and you just know you were born to serve your clients and your growing community. 

But you have now reached the painful point of growth… You’re overwhelmed, you’re everywhere, and you’re running out of time! *Ahhh!*

What if we told you that there’s a simpler, less stressful, and step-by-step method to scaling your business and launching the NEXT BEST VERSION of your brand?

If this is you...
But you want this...

Then this package was made for YOU!

Introducing...Pixel Perfect Launch!

A design-meets-tech service package that will help you scale and sell with style and strategy! Say goodbye to design and tech overwhelm or frustration that comes with growing your online biz. With this comprehensive brand and funnel design service you can finally take your business to next level and launch your dream brand to life!

A brand refresh because you need more than just a pretty Canva logo

Your logo is not the be-all and end-all of your brand identity. It’s more than that. Magnify your passion and communicate your purpose with new visuals and an identity that represents your brand. After all, branding is more than what your clients see but on how you make them feel.

This package includes custom logo design, color palette and typography development, plus design elements for brand styling and many more!

Style guide and templates to make marketing and content creation easier

In branding, consistency is everything. With a brand style guide, it’s easier for you or your team to create marketing materials and brand collaterals that is cohesive, clear, and consistent. It’s an easy-to-follow PDF that outlines every piece of detail needed to recreate and replicate your brand’s style. 



Plus! We’re giving you a head start on social media templates so you can be up and running with your content creation game.

Sales funnel design so you can sell your signature offer without actually selling it

No website? No problem! While we love building websites too, it costs a bit more to set up and requires regular maintenance. It’s 2021 so let’s normalize sales pages! 


But here’s the catch: we don’t just design pretty pages here. 


We build systematic sales funnels so you can sell your signature offer on auto-pilot. With a conversion-based sales page and sales funnel, you can ease prospects into your offer and give them a premium buying experience that stays true to your brand.


Really, you get all of that!

We promised to make launching your dream brand to life as simple as possible so we’ve created a service package that takes away the design + tech overwhelm and frustration that comes with scaling and launching all together. 

How we make magic happen...

Our Creative Process


We will hop on a clarity call and go over your current brand strategy and visual identity. We will then address any pain points you have as well as your next-level goals.

By the end of this call, you will have actionable solutions to up-level your brand!


After onboarding, we will proceed with a strategy call to align your renewed brand vision with a new brand styling and strategy guide.

You will get a chance to look over our initial concepts and mood boards during this call.


Here comes the fun part for us! We will be working our magic behind the scenes. As an overview, we will work on the designs in this specific order:

Phase 1: Branding & Identity
Phase 2: Social Media Graphics
Phase 3: Sales Page


We value your feedback so we will regularly check-in with you in each project milestone to refine all the designs to your perfection! You are also entitled to two major revisions as part of the package because our goal is to produce something that you can truly be happy with!


Upon final approval of all designs, assets will be delivered and turned over in your care.

We will help you navigate through it all during our delivery call but with your new brand style and strategy guide, you will be ushered to your next-level brand without the overwhelm.


With your new brand identity, sales page, and social media graphics, you are fully prepared and ready to launch!

Also included in this package is a 14-day post-launch support.

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Besides the amazing transformation...

Here's Exactly What's Included

Intentionally Designed Brand Identity

Social Media Starter Pack

Conversion-Based Funnel Design

All that with a single investment!

Let’s launch your dream brand to life so you can scale with style and strategy. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need a website?

You can upgrade to our VIP Launch package and get a full website for your brand instead! The upgrade starts at an additional $1,499. 

What if I only want a funnel designed?

The Funnel Kit is available for purchase separately at $800.

What if I only want branding and brand design?

We are offering Pixel Perfect Brand as a separate service package for $1088. 

I just really need a logo, can you help me?

At the moment, we only do full branding packages as our creative process requires that we understand your brand and your business in-depth.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we have a payment plan available for those who need it. Just pay a fixed deposit of $700 upon contract signing and you will be automatically billed the remaining balance in three equal payments of $400.

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